Campaña: Objetivo: por ejemplo: Potenciales clientes.

Conjunto de anuncios: 

  • Público al que nos dirigimos(audiencias)
  • Ubicaciones (donde se mostrarán los anuncios)
  • Presupuesto
  • Calendario.

Anuncios: Texto o copy, formato imagen o video y enlace.

oasis 54

Lecture CESINE 4 ABRIL 2022.

 1) Purchase Funnel Oasis54

The marketing funnel is a visualization for understanding the process of turning leads (convince) into customers


Marketing funnel stages and conversions (AIDA)

  1. Attention. When the consumer becomes aware of a product or brand
  2. Interest. They develop an interest in product/brand benefits and how it fits in with the lifestyle they have or wish to have.
  3. Desire. The consumer develops a fondness or an attachment towards the brand
  4. Action. The consumer shops around, tries the product, or even purchases it.

2) How to make a Facebook campaign?


A campaign is a series of ad sets and ads that aim to accomplish a single objective: Generate leads.


At the campaign level, choose an ad objective to define your goals.

Campaigns contain one or more ad sets.

Ad sets contain one or more ads.

  1. Select an editor and create your campaign.
  2. Determine an objective.
  3. Choose your audience.
  4. Set your placement.
  5. Make your budget and schedule.
  6. Curate your ad creative.
  7. Build your page & links.
  8. Report on the performance.

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